Monday, October 14, 2013


The days that I struggle most as a mother are the days I fail to meet with the Lord and intentionally ask Him for direction, strength, patience, and a fruitful day. - See more at: This is a truth for me and I have come to realize everyday that I arise and make the decision to follow a Biblical approach to mothering. I am thankful to find other mothers that struggle with "worldly" mothering vs Biblical mothering. Truth is it's hard. My facials, my action, my tone all rub off on my children. These babies see how I react to something and will mirror my every action. I have to be careful and walk diligently in the Word. This is my truth. Another truth, not so deep is that adoption is HARD. We have been through it before and it makes it no less difficult. Truth is there are bumps, hiccups, & hills to climb but every delay is God saying wait she is not ready yet. Things were going so smoothly too smoothly until our first homestudy. Our social worker never showed up! Yes she was very apologetic just plain forgot but wow was it a let down. Emotions run so high the days before and then nothing, nothing was accomplished. TRUTH. Truths are hard, being a mom is hard, adoption is hard. I'm not out to be a perfect mom I'm out to be the best mom God has destined me to be. TRUTH.

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