Tuesday, October 28, 2014

The first photo was the first time we ever saw his sweet little face...those cheeks don't you just want to kiss em! He was one years old when that photo was taken by a missions team that visited his orphanage. It was so nice to hear from ladies that actually got to meet my little guy. After we received our Referral Acceptance we were able to ask for an update and when we did we were just shocked how much he had grown. Now 16 months old walking and saying "mama" it breaks my heart to see him hitting milestone with out me but so thankful he is healthy and developing. Now the fun stuff of buying him clothes guessing between 12-24 months he is a short little guy and buying him toys. They said he loves toys that play music. Well our plane ride home with him should be noisy, I mean fun: ) His update report says he loves food and his favorite is CAKE and bananas, boy this boy will fit right in with his momma and big brother. We are now waiting on approval from immigration, form I-800 which means the United States has acknowledge him as our immediate relative. How crazy right? We are also in the process of obtaining our visas and updating our home study.

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